Meet the Shaman tour 1-day tour

A car trip to the Ust-Orda village to meet the Buryat Shaman. The Buryats are the native Siberians who have a Mongolian type of look; religionwise, the Buryats are divided into shamanists and Buddhists. The Shaman will show you the rituals and for a moment will let you become a part of it. Visit to the museum of the Buryat nation. After that have lunch with the traditional Buryat cuisine.

12:00 excursion starts.
13:00 arrival at Ust-Orda. Visit to the museum of the Buryat nation.
13:30 - introduction to the Shaman rituals; meeting with the Shaman.
14:30 lunch with traditional Buryat cuisine.
16:30 excursion ends in Irkutsk.

The price includes:

  • The Shaman show
  • Museum tickets
  • Lunch
  • Transfer Irkutsk - Ust-Orda - Irkutsk
  • English speaking guide

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2017 package price per person in a group of:

1 person: 16650 RUR or $315 or €293
2 persons: 9000 RUR or $170 or €158