About us

Welcome to Russia!

BM - Tours - the incoming tour operator - has been developing the hospitality industry since 2009. We provide tours across Russia from West to East, from splendors of St. Petersburg to the seaside resorts of Sochi, from Moscow to Vladivostok across the vast Plain and endless Taiga forest by air or the Trans Siberian Rail.

Half way between Moscow and Vladivostok lies the jewel of Siberia - Lake Baikal, the pantry of the world for the fresh water supply and variety of endemic species of fauna and flora where indigenous people have dwelt for centuries and can spin a yarn about the Sea of Baikal to you.

Baikal Mystery Travel Company will be happy to arrange your trip to any destination in Russia and across the border to Mongolia and China and even greet you in person in Eastern Siberia.

You will be served by professionals who love Russia and their customers wholeheartedly!