Terms and conditions

By making a booking with Baikal Mystery travel company, you explicitly agree to the terms and conditions on this page. You should read this carefully before booking services.

Any action you undertake directly thereafter is the sole responsibility of the persons making the booking; (i.e. you, your party) and your contracted suppliers. Changes in law, regulations, licenses, performance and e-commerce are ongoing, and therefore inaccuracies and inconsistencies may occur. We advise that you undertake your own satisfactory verification of information.

We will provide all services purchased and confirmed by ourselves in each itinerary. Due to the nature of the travel industry in Russia, on certain occasions due to unforeseen circumstances itineraries may be altered with little or no notice i.e. excursion changes, transportation fee or hotel changes etc: in all cases we will provide a suitable alternative of equal or greater value. None of our services include tips to guides or drivers, laundry, drinks (except where indicated), souvenirs or other items of a personal nature.

Baikal Mystery cannot take any responsibility for any damage or loss. We will attempt to ensure information on this site is reliable, accurate and in no way misleading however Baikal Mystery provide no guarantees and will not be responsible in any way for the performance, operations, abilities, opinions, personnel and / or results of utilising these resources — including but not limited to: quality, safety & security, hygiene, catering, customer service, licenses, qualifications, instruction, injury, insurances & assurances, information, regulations, reliability, maintenance, availability, refusal, performance, personnel, pricing & payment, costs & charges, weather, access & entry, expulsion, cancellation, insolvency, closure, membership, timetables, duration, disputes and or any other consideration.

In all cases, we reserve the right to cancel any reservations where clients fail to make the necessary deposit or full payment of the tour. If we, for whatever reason, cancel the tour, our liability is limited to the money paid to us by our clients.

Baikal Mystery will not be held responsible for any damages, personal injury or loss of articles, refusal of entry (including hotels) resulting from drunken or unruly behaviour.

Baikal Mystery urges all organisers / users to undertake their own stringent preparations / inspections / research to ensure that they are entirely satisfied. If time is an issue, we urge organisers to delay organisation until the necessary enquiries can be made and total satisfaction can be reached.

In the unlikely event you have any complaints about the travel services we provide, in the first instance please ask your guide for help. Your guide will try hard to resolve the problem. If the situation can not be resolved satisfactorily by the efforts of any of our representatives, please write to the General Director of Baikal Mystery for a full and proper investigation within 30 days of returning home. Please note in 99% of cases all problems can be resolved locally so if you do not inform your guide or our office staff the exact nature of your issue, we cannot offer compensation upon your return home. We will, in all circumstances, endeavour to please our clients with every aspect of our service.

Photographic images on our website should only be used as a guide and cannon be used for commercial purposes. All trademarks, images, logos are copyrighted and remain the property of Baikal Mystery and the respective companies.

We reserve the right in any circumstances to cancel your tour. If so we will contact you as soon as possible and offer you an alternative program or a full refund. As all of our tours are entirely individual and do not depend on a certain number of passengers booking, cancellation by us is highly unlikely. We may have to cancel a tour due to force majeure circumstances — if so we will give you a full refund but will have no other liability to you whatsoever.

We only act as an agent for embassies, hotels and other travel organisations. We reserve the right to alter or adjust any travel programme at our discretion and at any time for economic, safety or other reasons beyond our control, or where we feel there may be danger or other problems for our clients. All clients are highly recommended to take travel insurance to cover health problems, injury, death, disablement, etc as Baikal Mystery is not responsible for the provision of such insurance. We can not be responsible for the third party errors or other misdemeanors i.e. post strikes, flight delays, accommodation problems etc but will do our very best to sort everything out amicably. Please note certain products we offer are dependent upon good weather and bad weather may, in the interests of your safety, make it necessary to cancel, postpone or reschedule the activity. If this does happen once again we will provide full support to your insurance company to ensure you receive the necessary refund. Your safety is always our priority.

Baikal Mystery will endeavour to act on any reasonable comments, including the correction of errors, and requests made directly to info@baikalmystery.com pertaining to the www.baikalmystery.com website and if necessary remove information from our exchange.

Booking and payment procedure

1. Send us an email to info@baikalmystery.com to book the tour.
2. We will check the availability and contact you with further details.
3. Once the tour price and all details are confirmed, we will send you a contract that you'll need to fill in, sign and send a scanned copy back to us.
4. You can pay for our services by a credit or debit card. We will send you a link to a secure website where you can proceed with the payment.

All credit card payments are processed on the secure Uniteller processing center that complies with PCI DSS. The safety of the service is provided by smart fraud monitoring system as well as 3D Secure - a modern online payment safety technology.

5. Once the payment is confirmed we will send you all the necessary vouchers for the prepaid services.

Company information

BM-Tours Ltd.
Tour operator reference number is MBT011376
Registered in Russia, Irkutsk, 664011, Sukhe-Bator St, 7A
Tel. +7 3952 733201, +7 3952 203286
OGRN 1133850027519
INN/KPP 3808230681/380801001