City Break 6 days

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Day 1: Moscow
Arrival in Moscow. Transfer from the train station/airport to your hotel. Shower/rest. You'll be picked up from your hotel by a professional guide who will introduce you to the remarkable history of Russia. Enjoy a 4-hour city tour that will take you to the most popular sights and monuments of the Russian capital city. You will see such places as Red Square, Christ the Savior Cathedral, Arbat, Tverskaya Street, Poklonnaya and Vorobyovy Hills, Boulevard and Garden Rings, Kremlin (no entrance), Alexander Garden and many more. Visit to St Basil's Cathedral. Transfer to the hotel at the end of the tour.

Day 2: Moscow (B)
You'll be picked up from your hotel by a professional guide and taken to see the Kremlin. The Kremlin is the most recognizable image of Russia and the most visited place in Moscow. On this tour you will walk on the Kremlin territory basically breathing in the history. The guide will show you the largest bombard in the world - the Tsar Cannon - and the largest bell in the world - the Tsar Bell. You will visit three Royal Cathedrals: Assumption, Annunciation and Michael Archangel. You'll have a look at the Senate where the President works and the State Kremlin Palace. You'll also see the Moscow Kremlin's Faceted Chamber and Grand Kremlin Palace from the outside. You'll finish the tour by visiting one of the oldest museums in Russia - the Armoury. Transfer back to the hotel.

Day 3: Moscow (B)
A trip to a former royal estate Kolomenskoye located in the south of Moscow. Kolomenskoye was originally a summer residence adored by Russian princes and tsars since the 14th century. If you want to diversify your view of Moscow as a metropolitan city, you should go on a tour to the Kolomenskoye royal estate. You'll walk though its beautiful gardens enjoying a peaceful atmosphere and a majestic view on the Moscow River.
Today it's an open-air wooden architecture museum that holds a unique collection of old Russian architecture: a number of historical churches and wooden structures. You will see a UNESCO World Heritage Site - Church of the Ascension - an original wooden tent-roofed church built in stone in 1532. It's probably one of the most beautiful churches in Moscow. Other architectural attractions are the Church of Our Lady of Kazan, Wooden Palace of the Tsar Alexey Mikhailovich Romanov, Church of John the Baptist in Dyakovo, Front Gates and many more.
Transfer back to your hotel. Free time. Transfer to the railway station to catch the train #002 at 23:55.

Day 4: St.Petersburg
Arrival in St. Petersburg at 07:55. Transfer from the railway station to your hotel. Shower/rest. Meet with your guide at the hotel lobby.
Enjoy a 4-hour city tour by car. St.Petersburg is the Russian cultural capital that is also often called the Venice of the North because of its canal system. You'll have a fascinating city tour that includes all major sights of St. Petersburg such as Palace Square, Hermitage Museum, St. Isaac's Cathedral, Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, Nevsky Prospect and many more. St. Isaac's Cathedral was built between 1818 and 1858, by the French-born architect Auguste Montferrand and was originally the city's main church and the largest cathedral in Russia. It will impress you with its beautiful facades and interiors.
The Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood is one of the main Russian Orthodox cathedrals in St. Petersburg. The word "blood" in its name refers to the death of Tsar Alexander II who was killed on March 13, 1881 and this is exactly where the church was built. It contains over 7,500 square meters of peculiar mosaics showing biblical scenes and figures - more than any other church in the world. You'll also see a former residence of the Russian Tsars, the Winter Palace where the cherished Hermitage Museum collection of more that 3 million world-famous works is presented. Visit to the Peter and Paul Fortress, the most famous political prison of the Tsarist Russia. Transfer back to the hotel.

Day 5: St.Petersburg (B)
Meet with your guide at the hotel lobby to start the tour. Hermitage museum is undoubtedly the largest museum in the world that was established in 1895 and became a real jewel of St. Petersburg. Most of the showpieces are located within the Winter Palace that was once the main residence of the Russian monarchs. The legendary collection of fine arts started by Catherine the Great represents the most important stages in the history of art in more than 350 magnificent rooms (from ancient times until the early 20th century). Now the museum contains more than three million works of world art including da Vinci, Titian, Rembrandt, Cezanne, Monet, van Gogh, Durer, Picasso and many more. Transfer back to the hotel.

Day 6: St.Petersburg (B)
Meet your guide at the hotel lobby and drive to Pushkin (Tsarskoye Selo) to explore the charming Catherine Palace. Pushkin is one of the most fascinating suburbs of Saint Petersburg located 24 km to the south. Originally it was the main summer residence of Russian emperors. The first name of the town was Tsarskoye Selo, then it was Detskoye Selo and since 1937 it took the name of the great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin. Enjoy walking through its beautiful parks and gardens and magnificent interiors and rich facades of the buildings in Baroque style. The jewel of the Catherine Palace is the famous Amber Room, which is fully decorated with amber panels backed with gold leaf. Thanks to its unicity, it was sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World.
Transfer to the airport at the end of the tour. Departure. End of the tour.

The Kremlin grounds and Armoury tour is not available on Thursdays.
St Basil's Cathedral is not available on the first Monday of the month.
The Kolomenskoye tour is not available on Mondays.
The St. Petersburg city tour is not available on Wednesdays.
The Hermitage tour is not available on Mondays.
The Pushkin tour is not available on Tuesdays and last Monday of the month.
The price might change depending on your dates and the accommodation availability.
Please note that if you arrive at night (10pm-7am), extra charge will occur.

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The price includes:

  • 2 night accomodation at the Arbat House hotel 4* in Moscow (*early check-in and late check-out are not included)
  • 2 night accomodation at the Moscow hotel 4* in St.Petersburg (*early check-in and late check-out are not included)
  • Transfers as listed in the itinerary
  • Tours and trips as listed in the itinerary
  • Meals as listed in the itinerary
  • English speaking guide services
  • Entrance fees
  • 2nd class train ticket

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